Exchange Your Vows in Our Chapel

A wedding is a beautiful thing, the joining of two people who wish to spend the rest of their lives together. At Ringgold Wedding Chapel in Ringgold, GA, we believe our venue should reflect that beauty. We work hard to ensure that this moment is one of the greatest moments of your life. As an all-inclusive venue, we have put together all kinds of weddings and we love helping our couples to make their big day unique and special.

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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings represent the forever love for each other.
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New Husband and Wife

The new Mr. and Mrs. excitement.
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It is a family affair.

A wedding and reception is a family affair.

Important Information About Marriage Licenses:

If you are a Georgia and Tennessee resident, you may purchase the marriage license at your local County Court House Probate Court. Contact the local County Court House Probate Count House for the requirements to purchase them. If you are from out of the states of Georgia and Tennessee, you will need to purchase your marriage license from the Catoosa County Court House Probate Court.

The Catoosa County Courthouse will issue the marriage license and the Ringgold Wedding Chapel will take care of the rest!

Ringgold Wedding Chapel Tip: A lot of couples do not realize or do not think about a marriage license before the wedding. You will need a marriage license from you local County Courthouse Probate Office BEFORE the wedding. Contact the County Probate Office for information about obtaining your marriage license in the county you are being married in. This will save you a lot of heartache. Let us know if this helps you with planning your wedding celebration. Love to hear from you! 706-935-8199

Celebrate Your Special Occasion Here!

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We do other types of celebrations and gatherings too--with style! The staff at Ringgold Wedding Chapel wants to make your event special. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday or hosting a luncheon, we will provide the venue for an appropriate experience as well as professional staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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